Why has questioning become a crime?

“Questions are powerful, they create connection, they drive destiny and they inspire action” Steve Aguirre

Have you ever realized that questioning and its significance is slowly fading from our society? Has the importance of questioning been forgotten and why is it so? Are there ways to bring back the dying culture of questioning? Overtime, the personal confidence and courage of a child is continuing to decrease simultaneously. Kids started developing insecurities and fear of being judged just for questioning, thereby putting in their heads that asking questions means that they are stupid. But, what if you must get the answers to these questions? Would you hold yourself back yet again?

Students must begin to realize that their fear and insecurities cannot replace their curiosity. We must encourage young learners to question abundantly until they feel they are in the right place with the right mindset. Have you ever thought about the impacts of social media on questioning? No right? Encourage questioning and curiosity in young learners!!!

What if I told you social media also plays a major role in harming the curiosity of kids. Social media marks questions as being vulnerable, which causes a negative effect on the growing generation. Social media makes questioning seem prohibited. The desire for one to question something must not be held back.Now, take for example Elon Musk; what question is he trying to answer? “How can we use less fossil fuels in the world?” For example Steve Jobs, he wants to know “How can we get a computer in everybody's hand in the world?”. Similarly, in your head, there must be arousing questions you need answers to which will drive you to unlock your destiny. Then why hesitate?

Questioning must be normalized before every kid is silenced out. Asking questions and being curious builds bridges and can help you in your everyday personal life. Questions can also inspire actions. Last but not the least, it would be great if we could rewire our brains, unleash the inner child and ask questions. NORMALIZE IT! Questions are powerful.

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