What makes You Successful?

I believe that if you have a Dream, a Vision, and a Goal, you are already ahead of the majority of people around you. Even if they are better than you today, they won’t be tomorrow because they will always be unaware of where they want to be. Having a Dream, a Goal, and a Vision acts as a compass to an individual. It always, without failure, guides you in the direction you need to work on.

Work on: This is what separates you from everyone around you. More often than not, an individual with a big bold dream fails to live them because he fails to work on them persistently, which is the ultimate key to success. Staying persistent, and being strong enough to never give up is what it takes to be who you want to be and at the same time be successful. However, we must keep in mind that all big things don’t come all at once, therefore we should avoid calling ourselves successful only if we achieve something big. You see, life is too small to only celebrate the big wins, so let’s be honest; Big moments are rare, one can never be in the limelight every day. Great successes come maybe once, twice, or even five times a year, which is definitely very rare. So why wait for the big achievements. Once the small success is celebrated, you will await the bigger ones.

Therefore, to avoid the trap of giving yourselves less opportunities to celebrate success, we should start off by defining what success means to us, which should be framed such that it helps you achieve your set dreams and goals in life. As for me, it is to just get a little better every day. Even the smallest improvements I make every day makes me successful personally. Eventually after a year, those small improvements and being persistent in working on achieving my definition of success will enable me to achieve my goals, dreams, or visions more than otherwise I ever would.

Never forget to ask yourself what success means to you. Then, start consistently working on achieving your meaning of success. Appreciate yourself every time you are successful even with the tiniest of things. That personal success is what will give you the power and motivation to keep going when it gets tough. So never give up, never look back.

And here is a Quote from Kylie Jenner That I genuinely Love: "Keep going. Because You did not come this far just to come this far."

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