New Year, New Beginning

Have you already had your plans laid out for this year? Let’s kick it this New Year with some brand new resolutions. Well, 2021 must’ve definitely been tough for most of us but it’s not the end let’s hit the reset together.

Now what you must be having in your list are things like travel, lose weight, quit alcohol, jog everyday blah blah blah… Hold up, don't get me wrong here. These are fantastic resolutions; but don't you think it's a little too repetitive and boring old goals? Let's shake things up a little bit shall we?

Try beginning your year with focusing or developing on your passion. It is immensely important to know and understand that along with working on your appearance, you can bring life to your passions. And it's true that you do want to discover and dive into finding a better version of yourself physically and mentally. Then why not try performing and involving yourself in some sort of exercise? Doing this can bring about good health benefits and sustain a balance with yourself and your emotions.

There must've definitely been times wherein you felt very low and inactive or even seen people around you disappointed. Have you ever thought about spreading positivity? Spreading positivity is the key to a more pros[eros and happy life. When you spread positivity, people around you begin to feel close and more dear to you. Being positive for yourself is also beneficial for your mental health.

To be completely honest, I used to have so much free time which I would spend watching Netflix or scrolling through social media. Well… I believe it is super amazing to give yourself time off but too much social media and movies can take your concentration away from other hobbies. For example do some reading, go outside to the park, spend some time with your loved ones or even go to someplace where you have never been to. Which is why I am going to dedicate this year to focusing more on myself and my inner peace as a whole.

Using your parents' money is easy. But have you ever thought of trying to perform even the simplest of tasks to get yourself a reward? This free time through the pandemic, we must've all come across the talk of our parents' businesses and sales dropping. Then why don't you figure out a way and start earning? Those earnings from your own hands will make you proud of yourself and your achievements. What you do now reflects your future.

And there you have something different for this new beginning. Will I be able to do it all like I plan? Well I don't know and I will have to see as well. But will I try to do something different and better for myself? Yes definitely. Will I get a job? I do not know but I'm dying to find out about that one. To end this, I would like to say “stay positive and do things for yourself.”

PS. If you have made this far there's no turning back. Come on, push yourself and stay at the top. The view is great here!!!

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