Beyond the Trail to ONE

Updated: Jan 2

The days of notebooks and pencils are nearing the end and becoming less convenient as we know it. The talk about online schooling is where it all began, the path to ONE.

Well, if you were to ask us how it began? We would say, “We still think this journey is a dream.” They say, isn't it, that life is a series of ups and downs. ONE, something that is now so meaningful to us as a team, started with the random conversation about how we could build an exciting platform consisting of extracurricular activities where we can include a bunch of videos, tutorials, and at the same time, an open education platform wherein students can learn face to face with a personal tutor. Unfortunately, as you can see, ONE did not end up in that direction.

Personally being involved in science classes, moreover classes being online, we’d constantly complain to one another about how hard it was to study and memorize all contents from a textbook throughout our IGCSE and JEE exams preparation. At some point of time after this riot, we came across a Dublin DigiEdu Hackathon.

And of course, we did not hold back but instead dived right in to participate; and keep in mind, we were not even sure what we were doing or what our whole idea was. This whole situation made us work hard and create a good base idea for our startup.

This is the point you must be wondering about our turning point. According to us, we were even 10000% sure about winning for having such unique ideas. Well, of course, that did not happen because things don’t come so easy, right. But guess what? We were the second runner-up and were approached by a fantastic mentor Ms. Karina Murray, who gladly loved our idea and stood by us to keep this idea running. We exchanged views and scheduled quite a few meetings to move forward with our approach to education. Unfortunately, things could not go further with Ms. Karina as our approach and ideas began to divert from one another in quite a few aspects massively. Nevertheless, we are incredibly grateful to her for having pushed us to the possibility of such a project at a very early stage. At the same time, she never stopped believing in us.

Months passed as we continued developing our ideas and creating our visions and missions to be more specific and more tangible. Furthermore, we reached out to various institutes such as IIT Patna, IIT Bombay, etc. Unfortunately, we failed to make it due to a minor issue in meeting their requirements. Nevertheless, after so much effort put in, the Manipal Institute Of Technology and the Bihar government showed interest and belief thereby propelling us to push forward. After six months, we have managed to launch our website with some excellent content and features to help every student ace their science chapters.When the going got tough, we reached out to mentors such as Vivek Khandelwal for light and also helped us again get back on track.

We wholeheartedly believe that if there is any single reason why we are here is that we never stopped looking for opportunities and never missed even the slightest of chance we saw coming our way. We would also want you to believe in a small thing that interests you and take it forward, work hard for it and you will not regret the things that you do. So pull up your socks and dive right in at the opportunities lying in front of you and conquer the fear.

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