How All Our Components Work Together? 

Happy Kids with Books

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Games - Designed with enough triggers so that you hear your ideas about the topic before accepting what's in the book. Making learning more engaging and stimulating.

Virtual Experiments - Enhanced with the freedom to question any part of the Experimental Set-Up  For eg. Why is that for the test of starch only Iodine is used to check the presence of starch and not potassium permanganate. How about we let them figure out by themselves.

Animated stories - Every chapter is transformed into a story format of a new adventurous journey between son and dad.

Certificate per chapter of your efforts - Now that you have given time to learn, its our duty to appreciate you for the same. We recognise you at the completion of every chapter just so every new chapter you learn, is counted as your achievement!

AI Backed Feedback Mechanism - We will access the students not just for answering correct but the depth of their concept can only be measured by also analysing the time taken to answer. Also with the help of AI we will engage the student with the similar type of question until acced, Moreover the reports will be sent to both parents and teachers. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Accounts for all the jumps and falls of the student to access and guide to the best possible state of mind for learning. 

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And So Our Impact-

ONE is not just an ordinary platform of education but is a vast place wherein every learner is welcomed to bring in their skills and imaginations as they learn concepts in a much more exciting manner. ONE provides unlimited activities with animations to make children interested in learning and discovering their passion for learning. Through implementing this, ONE changes the idea of students stressing over learning from books, when there is a platform for them that involves more critical thinking and activities to help each learner grow personally.